Sonoran Desert Security User Group

SDSUG is a group of information technology professionals in the Phoenix area dedicated to the security of our digital systems. We meet quarterly to discuss security issues, tech trends, and share our successes and failures so we can learn from each other.

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About Us

Sonoran Desert Security User Group (SDSUG)

SDSUG was established on September 25, 2001 by Leo J Hauguel, CISSP, NSA-IAM. Since 2001 SDSUG has grown to be one of the largest security user groups in the world with over 950 members. SDSUG meets on a quarterly basis and is open to any IT professional concerned about the security of information systems. Membership is free and only requires you to provide us some info about yourself to verify your involvement with the community.


2021 Arizona Technology Summit

2021 Arizona Technology Summit IS Scheduled for September 8, 2021 From 7:00am – 4:00pm. The event Location is Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch, 7700 E McCormick Pkwy, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

For more information visit their website or the Events section on this site.

Contact: Abe Homan
Machaon Corporation
Arizona Technology Summit
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466
(480) 409-4601 - Phone
(866) 219-7524 - Fax


Southwest CyberSec Forum

SDSUG and the Southwest CyberSec Forum group will be coordinating events by sharing announcements and cross promotion of events. Check this tab often for new information.

Southwest CyberSec Forum

Meetings are held the first Monday of each month.
When: First Monday of the Month
Time: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (MST / UTC-07)
Virtual Location: Check Email / Website for link
Agenda: Varies, but all things Cybersecurity related


Tek Systems

Client: Wells Fargo
Total Positions 5
Duration 24 months
Looking for 5 strategic consultants with experience in the risk/data space. This individual will be working with project leads (product owners/managers) to focus on 5 projects.

  1. Data backup/segmented recovery - ex. If an application or system is corrupted/goes down, what are the most important parts to recover? Rather than recovering everything, recovery what is needed in order to continue to function (If an ATM goes down, get it back up to dispense cash, deposit checks, etc. transaction history wouldn't be imperative to get back up and running immediately)
  2. Offline backup - offline backing up of systems
  3. Batch Processing
  4. Providing Real-Time Data
  5. Data flow Implementation and Improvement - creating playbooks and standards to support disaster recovery/data resiliency - creating a standard that will be used across the organization. Will have architectural standards to be used.

Ali Hussain | Account Manager – Financial Services

T 602.567.3483 | M 214.809.5047


David Careers

David Careers is always looking for Cyber Security professionals.

Information Security Job Search
Contact Information:
Ingrid Lohneiss
David Careers
2443 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA 94115
David Careers Website
Email your resume.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin Careers
Current Job Requisitions:

Career Evolutions

Job: DevOps Cloud Engineer
Salary: $180K
Job Description: Job Description
Contact: Alex Champa
Phone: (480) 621-5593


        Leo J. Hauguel, CISSP, NSA-IAM  
        OPEN: Leo J. Hauguel, CISSP, NSA-IAM
    Vice President
        OPEN: Leo J. Hauguel, CISSP, NSA-IAM
        OPEN: Leo J. Hauguel, CISSP, NSA-IAM
    Chief Communications Officer / Webmaster
        John R. Nash
    Chairperson of Membership
        Brian Simper
    Co-Chairperson of Membership
        Reid Ferguson
    Chairperson Technical Communication
        Stephen Mintz, CISSP, CEH

    Chairperson Venue Planning at MCC
        Gary Marrer, MBA, M.Ed., Chair of Business/IT GCC Main Campus
    Co-Chairperson Venue Planning at MCC
        Martin Bencic M. Ed., Resident Faculty - Linux & Cyber Occupational Program Director, Business/IT Div., GCC Main Campus
    Chairperson Venue Planning at UAT
        Dr. David B. Bolman, Provost
    Co-Chairperson Venue Planning at UAT
        Bree Erickson, Event Coordinator